About KINGSPOINT Foot and Ankle Specialists

Foot and Ankle Surgeon & Podiatric Medicine and Surgery located in Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, South Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Artesia, Fresno, San Leandro, Hawthorne, Bakersfield and Colton, CA

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At KINGSPOINT Foot and Ankle Specialists, foot and ankle surgeon Benjamin Tehrani, DPM, DABPM, provides complete foot and ankle care to adults at two convenient locations in Beverly Hills and Downtown Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Tehrani and his caring staff take a holistic and minimally invasive approach to podiatry. Instead of simply trying to relieve symptoms, Dr. Tehrani works to identify the source of each patient’s discomfort. Then, he uses his years of training and expertise to develop care plans that ease discomfort, encourage mobility, and improve the quality of life.

At KingsPoint Foot and Ankle Specialists, Dr. Tehrani provides comprehensive care for various foot and ankle problems, including fractures, ankle sprains, and ingrown nails. Dr. Tehrani also offers more specialized treatments, such as nail fungus therapies, laser technology for the treatment of tendonitis, and personal injury consultations. 

Dr. Tehrani uses multi-wave lock system (MLS) lasers. These lasers use painless light energy to relieve chronic pain, encourage blood flow, and speed up the body’s healing process.

KingsPoint Foot and Ankle Specialists is a one-stop shop for podiatry. To save people time, an in-house ultrasound technician and phlebotomist are available, as well as same-day digital X-rays.

Dr. Tehrani also offers ZOOM and Facetime consultations six days a week to accommodate busy schedules. There’s even an on-site pharmacy that carries nutritional supplements and Nerve Assist capsules –– Dr. Tehrani’s own invention that includes natural gels, essential oils, and menthol to relieve pain.

If you or a loved one experiences foot or ankle issues that interfere with your mobility or quality of life, make an appointment at KingsPoint Foot and Ankle Specialists by calling the nearest office or booking online today.