Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is a painful condition caused by a repetitive pinching of a nerve that leads to an enlargement of the nerve, and its compression between the bones and the ligaments. This condition occurs in the ball of the foot, between the third and fourth, or the second and third toe. The constant pinching of the nerve can lead to permanent damage.

Morton’s Neuroma is more common in females than males, and it is often linked to wearing uncomfortable women’s footwear such as narrow, high-heeled stilettos. These types of shoes tend to put pressure on the toes, and don’t provide enough space for them to move freely. Wearing them constantly may lead to irritation and, eventually, an injury to the nerve.

Mortons Neuroma manifests as a burning pain in the ball of the foot. The symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma that patients usually experience include numbness, tingling, burning, cramping, a clicking sensation while walking, and similar symptoms.

A podiatrist can diagnose the condition with a physical examination. The first steps of the treatment include changing footwear and using inserts, pads, or cushions. If there is inflammation and swelling, the doctor may prescribe cortisone injections. If these treatments don’t resolve the Mortons Neuroma, surgery may be required to remove the enlarged portion of the nerve.

Conservative options are also available in the form of custom inserts to take the pressure off of the area where the neuroma is located. Steroid injections are also an available option prior to surgical removal of the painful neuroma.

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