Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

Lateral ankle ligament reconstruction is a surgical procedure used to restore the stability of the ankle lost due to a ligament tear or overstretch. This procedure is indicated when all other nonsurgical approaches for chronic ankle instability have been exhausted.

Lateral ankle ligament reconstruction, also known as Bröstrom procedure, is an outpatient procedure, which means that a patient can go home on the same day. It is usually done with a regional or general anesthesia.

This ankle surgery begins with a small incision on the outside of the ankle, and an identification of the injured ligament or ligaments. If stretching has occurred, the ligament or ligaments will be cut, shortened, and sutured back together. If tearing has occurred, the ligament or ligaments will be repaired and sewn back together.

After the procedure, the incision will be closed, the ankle will be bandaged, and the foot will be placed in a splint or a cast that a patient will be required to wear for minimum two weeks. Physical therapy may also be required. Full recovery is expected in six to twelve months.

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