Partial Nail Removal (Matrixectomy)

Partial nail removal or matrixectomy is a procedure performed to remove a portion of an ingrown toenail, in cases where there is an active infection around the nail. This treatment involves cutting a thin piece of nail down to the root, and draining the infection. It is performed under local anesthetic, it takes only a few minutes to perform, and it prevents ingrown toenails from recurring.

The partial nail removal starts by numbing the toe with local anesthetic, and thoroughly cleaning it before the beginning of the procedure. After the toe becomes numb, the podiatric surgeon gently separates the ingrown part of the nail from the skin, and cuts it straight from the tip to the root.

Following the removal of the nail, the podiatrist will treat the exposed nail matrix with chemical solutions in order to make the nail narrower, and prevent it from growing out again on that side. The doctor will finish the procedure by applying antibiotic ointment, gauze bandage, and a compressive wrap.

Upon this procedure, the patient is advised to avoid physical activities for several days to allow the nail to begin healing. Full recovery is expected after only a few weeks.

If you have any problems related with ingrown toenails, you can schedule your appointment with Dr. Benjamin Tehrani. He will check your condition and recommend and provide the best treatment for you.